Tai Chi Chuan is the Foundation  Martial
Art of the Temple of the White and Gold
Lotus. Tai Chi Chuan means the "
and is the most popular martial art in
China. Tai Chi Chuan was the first martial
art style that Bruce Lee learned from his
father before switching over to study
Wing Chun. Heri Khafra started practicing
Tai Chi Chuan in 1971 with the late
Grandmaster Da Liu. Grandmaster Da
Liu's first Tai Chi Chuan teacher was Sun -
Lutang who was the founder of the Sun
Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Chuan is taught at the Temple of
the White and Gold Lotus  mainly because
of its health benefits.
The greatest opponent is not the unknown
assailant but an untimely death due to the
number one killer - a HEART ATTACK! Tai
Chi Chuan strengthens the heart and
kidneys, stabilizes your blood pressure,
increases bone density and calms your
mind. Tai Chi Chuan is not a "soft" style
as it is called by some. Tai Chi Chuan is
not a "hard" style.

Tai Chi Chuan is a "Soft - Hard" stlye.
When you attack a Tai Chi Chuan master
he will feel soft. When he attacks you, he
will feel hard. Tai Chi Chuan has a rule
that you never use any more than 4
ounces of force to move a thousand
pounds.  Tai Chi Chuan
Sword helps
project the "chi" with means the same
thing as the word "ankh" - Life Force.
Everyone is born with a certain amount of
"natal chi". But, as time passes this "natal
chi" diminishes and you must replace it
by doing some  form of internal exercises
like Tai Chi Chuan or Yoga. Grandmaster
Da Liu said that if you do not open up you
meridians, the paths of chi that flow
through your body, by the time you are 50
years of age, you won't enjoy living past

Tai Chi Chuan is a most effective self -
defense system. Because it is an internal
style it trains you to  use the other
persons strength against them by you
generating energy from within your body
using the spiraling chi that travels through
your bone marrow. In Tai Chi Chuan you
never "block" the opponents force. In Tai
Chi Chuan you "guide" the opponents
force with  internal "energy" that is
elastic. Yang style Tai Chi Chuan is done
slowly at first. Speed is added after
slowest and outer softness and inner
hardness is master.

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The Uas

The Amen - Ra Uas Staff Form was
created by Heri Khafra. The Uas is the
Staff of Power and is the symbol of the
neywet or nome city - state of Uas or
Waser, the City of Amen - Ra renamed
Thebes by the Greeks. The Uas
represents the Sethian Power redeemed
and under control. The Amen -Ra Uas
Form is performed during the Morning
Kesu/Ritual where Apep, the Dragon of
Darkness is defeated by the Hem -
Neter/Priest representing Amen - Ra so
that the Sun will rise. Afterwards, the Uas
is returned to the Pyramid Matrix fully

The Ankh

The Herukhuti Ankh Bak/Falcon Form was
also created by Heri Khafra.  The
Herukhuti Ankh Bak Form is based on the
Legend of Heru in his battles with Set. At
one point in  one of the battles Heru took
the form of a  giant Bak Nub or Golden
Falcon carrying two Ankhs and defeated
the armies of Set.

The Herukhuti Ankh Bak Form foundation
is the Seven Fatal Powers Moves that are
listed in the book
Her - Bak the Egyptian.

At the Temple of the White and Gold Lotus
it is required to learn Tai Chi Chuan before
learning how to master the Uas and Ankh
Forms.  The Uas, which is very heavy,
requires the internal strength of Tai Chi
Chuan to move around without risking
tearing muscles or ligaments. To learn the
Ankh Form without the relaxing power of
Tai Chi Chuan will make your movements
top heavy and stiff.

The only video that has the Amen - Ra
Uas Form and the Herukhuti Ankh Bak
Form is the
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Heri Khafra performs the Uas Staff
Amen - Ra Form against Apep, the
Dragon of Darkness, Fear and
Heri Khafra executes "The
Urit/Serpent holds the Keys of Life"
move from the Herukhuti Ankh
Bak/Falcon Form
The Bak/Falcon spreads its
Heri Khafra's teacher Yang Style
Tai Chi Grandmaster Da Liu who
lived to be over 100 years of age
and was a student of Grandmaster
Sun - Lutang
"The Ultimate Fist"
Nana Hapi Het - Heru applies Tai Chi
Chin - na arm lock.
Heri Khafra, his former wife who has
crossed over to join Ausar, Nana Hapi
and their son perform
Single Whip
from Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.
Heri Khafra in the Tai Chi Chuan
Sword Posture called "The Immortal
guarding the Gates of Heaven
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