This video is a excellent primer for learning the meditation system of the Temple of the White
and Gold Lotus. In a simple and direct format you learn about the foundation of Kemetic
Spiritual Science to positively control your life for the better. Both initiates for the Hem -
Neter/Priesthood and Nedjes/Lay Person start with this video.

Menat Kemeti - Rites of Resurrection is a two part video. The first part is a documentation of the first
time the major Elder Kera/Shrines came together and performed Kesu/Rituals from their individual
organizations.  The Elder Kera/Shrines included the Kera Jehuti, the Kera Ptah, the Kera Jhuty Heru
Neb Hu Kemet Kush Per Ankh, the Temple of the White and Gold Lotus/Kera Amen - Ra and theAusar -
Auset Society. This event took place on October 19, 2001 and was the first group Menat Kemeti or
Kemetic Funeral Rites of Resurrection for the thousands of poor souls who died in the World Trade
Center 9/11 Tragedy. Knowing that when souls are released through a violent climatic event such as the
9/11 event, those souls who are still in shock may wander the Earth Plane confused and disillusioned,
the respective Spiritual Leaders of the Elder Kemetic Kollective did Kemetic Prayers and Hesi/Chants
to help guide those Poor Souls into the Amen - ta, the Land of Amen, so that they could finally find

The first part of video covers the Menat Kemeti for the Victims of the 9/11 Tragedy. A Sahu, mistakenly
called a " mummy " , was constructed out of old clothes stuffed with newspapers to represent all the
people who died in 9/11. After doing the proper preparations and invocations that all the spiritual
leaders contributed, a most amazing thing occurred - the Sahu gave off a pulsating vibration that could
be felt by the hands over the heart area.

The second part of the video shows you in more detail how the wrapping of the Sahu is done along
with other spiritual preparations. Later in the video a medical doctor testifies to feeling the energy
pulse emitted from the heart area of the Sahu.
This video is a must for everyone who must either prepare their loved ones for the finally journey or
plan their own final journey.
PRICE: $19.95
PRICE: $19.95