What People are saying
about the PYRAMID

"My wife and I enjoyed reading it."

Dr. Leonard Jeffries

"It's a really great book. Heri Khafra
is a serious student of Medu Neter.
He is a seeker of the deeper levels
of the meaning of Kemet. He is
setting a path for us to follow."

Sunnu -t (Dr.) Rkhty Amen - Jones

"I , Grand Master Kham, Chief priest
of the Shrine of Khepera, after
having personally read the book
recommended it highly as required
reading for each of the priests and
priestesses in our shrine. I travelled
to Trinidad, West Indies where I
personally delivered the book to the
Shrine of Khepera in Trinidad -

Grand Master Kham

It is a vital and  important work; a
necessary link in the resurrection
and reeducation of African Kemetic
People in the Global Diaspora.

Sunnu (Dr.) Rev. Phillip Valentine

"This is a most amazing book. It
presents the Ancient African
Spirituality is such a way as to be of
immediate day to day use in the
today's world."

Sunnu (Dr.) Keith Baird                        

Try the TWO

The Two Dimensional Pyramid
Matrix Chart that is shown below
projects a Bio - electromagnetic
Field. To experience this Field scroll
down until the Pyramid Matrix
Meditation Chart fills the entire
screen.  Then place your hands at
least eight inches from the screen
over the Chart. Make sure your
shoulders, arms and fingers are
relaxed with no tension and your
fingers.  Hold you hands so that the
fingers do not touch and shape your
hands to make a triangle with your
forefingers and thumbs. Keep your
feet flatThere is a 90% chance that  
you  will feel  a tingling sensation in
your fingers and then your hands.
Amen - Ra
The Hidden Power of the
Amen - Ra and His Hem - T / Wife  Het - Heru

The Ancient Kemetic People saw the Divine Spirit as
Male and Female which  supported Maat or the Divine
balance of Truth and Reality.  When there is worship to
the Male Spirit only, Maat is out of Balance and
Herukhuti, the Spirit of War, is activated to restore Maat.

This was the Herukhuti/War phase the world entered
when the Feminine Netcher/Nature of the Divine Spirit
was outlawed and then eventually forgotten or feared
and women faced abuse and children suffered. This was
the major theme in the book
The DaVinci  Codes. Wars
will virtually cease everywhere on Earth when the
Divine Balance between the Male and Female aspects of
Spirit is reestablished.
Nana Hapi Het - Heru, Khafra Usr Maat Ka Ra and
Heri Khafra
Click on VIDEO DEMO1 to
see a demonstration of the
Pyramid Matrix Energy
Field  on someone on the
Please allow the Video a
few minutes to Load
Click on VIDEO DEMO 2 to
see Dr. Gerald Deas',
Professor at Down State
Medical School testimony
on his experience inside
the Pyramid Matrix
Please allow a few minutes
for the Video to Load
Click on VIDEO DEMO 3 to
see a housewife find relief
in minutes from a painful
toothache while sittin in
the Pyramid Matrix.