The Temple of the White and Gold Lotus offers Live Interactive On Line Classes.  
When you join these classes on the Internet  you can talk to the Instructor and if
you have a web camera the instructor can see your written work or watch you
draw your Mdw Netcher, practice Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga or anything else.

Hem - Neter On Line Classes

To request admission to the Hem - Neter On Line Classes send an e- mail to Heri
Khafra at and be sure to give your phone number, address,
Date of Birth and Place of Birth.

The Hem - Neter On Line Classes are
$100 - 150/ MONTH.

Once you Register with your payment you will be called and notified by e mail
when the Hem - Neter On Line Class will be web cast and you will receive an
identification number to attend class.

There will be opportunities for other
Classes and Lectures for Nedjes/Lay
Persons and the general public.  Continue to check this On Line Class web page
for announcements of "Open"
On Line Classes.