Medu Neter: Mission From Ra is the first CD that teaches you the 24 Basic
Sounds of Medu Neter using contemporary music. There are songs based on
the book, the
Pert Em  Hru - The Book of Coming Forth by Day, misnamed as
Egyptian Book of the Dead. The CD comes with a booklet that will help you
learn Medu Neter in a Fun and Practical way. The CD includes other songs in
English with Reggae, Jazz and Rap.

Sample Music song, titled "Hymn to Ra", that is traditional sung by the
Ancient Kemetic Priests of Ra as the Sun rises, will calm you down and
energize you through the day or help you relax at night.
         HERI KHAFRA

Kemetic Yoga Power Chant is a very special CD that is used by the Hem - Neter
Amen - Ra, Priests of Amen - Ra, to develop daily their Tir Neter or Spirit Power. This
CD features the Khemet Hesi or Triple Hesi for Amen - Ra, the King of the Neteru or
Egyptian Gods. The Hesi/Chant to Amen - Ra is the main Power Chant that energizes
the Pyramid Matrix. To find out more about the Pyramid Matrix click
Enter the Pyramid Matrix  at the top of this page. The Kemetic Yoga Power Chants  has
a unique blend of music using African Drums, a berimbau, and various percussions
with a hip - hop beat funky beat that induces a peaceful yet powerful  trance state of
higher consciousness. It will relax you and energize you. Playing it at night helps you
sleep peacefully and have lucid dreams.

Nu the Cosmis Ocean is and instrumental audio CD that has mainly bamboo
flutes, harp and kalimba (African Thumb Piano) sounds with ocean sounds as a
background. It is soothing, calming and great for helping you sleep, meditating,
yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and massage.  
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