MEDU NETER VOLUME ONE

Medu Neter Volume One is a very basic DVD primer for learning the Basics of Medu
Neter sometimes written Medu Netcher or Metu Neter. Medu Neter, which means "The
sounds or vibrations of the Spirit", is the oldest written language on the planet Earth.
It is the root of all languages.

Why Learn Medu Neter?

1. Learning Medu Neter will help learning other languages.

2. Reading and Speaking Medu Neter has a energizing effect on your mind and body.

3. Medu Neter used properly can generate powerful electromagnetic energy and even
generate negative gravitation waves used for levitation as Medu Neter was used to
move the large stones weighing up to 75 tons to construct the Great Pyramid at Giza
in Ancient Kemet.

Beginning Medu Neter Volume 1  teaches vocabulary and basic grammar based on Sir
Alan Gardiner's landmark book
Egyptian  Grammar.

The "Medu Neter: Mission From Ra" song that teaches you the 24 Basic Symbols of
Medu Neter is included in this DVD.
PRICE: $19.95