KEMETIC HISTORY VOLUME ONE  

With the use of a basic TimeLine Heri Khafra teaches how to learn and memorize the foundation Dynasties
in Ancient Kemet which will make reading other historic information on Kemet easier.
                                    SMAI TAWI    KEMET RISING

This video is the only video that chronicles the Smai Tawi - the Union of the Lands, the beginnings of the
Kemetic Kollective of the Kera - u Ur/ Elder Shrines including the Shrine of Ptah, the Ausar - Auset
Society, the Temple of the White and Gold Lotus/Shrine of Amen - Ra, Shrine of Jehuti, Jhuty Heru Neb
Hu Kemet Kush Per Ankh, Shemshu Heru and the Shrine of Khepera
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