When the ancient Hem - Neter/Priests used animal heads on
humans to represent a Divine Vibration they were not worshiping
the animal but what the animal represents. This in no different then
Christians using a Lamb to represent the Son of God or Dove
representing the Holy Spirit of God or a Burning Bush to represent
God. Surely, Christians do not worship lambs, doves or bushes on

The primordial man of pre - historic Kemet seeing the falcon fly as
if it came from the Sun as it attacked its prey in flight thought that
the falcon came from the Sun deity
Ra. The ancient Hem -
Neter/Priest of Kemet kept the symbol of the
Falcon as Ra showing
respect for the primordial mind of the pre - historic African and also
tapping his pure understanding from the primordial man's pure
intelligence of the heart that instinctively knew of the power and
majesty of Sun Neter
Ra     .  The Ancients of Kemet as did many
cultures saw the Sun/ Ra as the Creator which in a sense is true
since everything on Earth initially came from the Sun and living
things on Earth daily depend on the Sun.

Most people do not know that Moses, who wrote the first five books
of the Bible was a priest of Amen - Ra.
Amen means "hidden".
Amen was the local deity of Uas.  When the Hem - Neter/Priests of
Amen - Ra,  using their kesu/rituals, invoked the power of Amen -
Ra in Ahmes, the first king of the 18th Dynasty, he, with his army,
defeated the Hyksos invaders. Hebrew, Christian and Muslim
prayers all have the word "Amen" at the end of their prayers.

Alexander the Great after conquering Kemet changed his named to
Amen Meri - Beloved of Amen. There were shrines to Amen - Ra
throughout the Middle East and in India.

"In the Beginning, there was the Word."

- Genesis

These words were supposedly written by Moses, the former Hem -
Neter of Amen - Ra. In the Hindu Vedic tradition, the Universe
began when the Word "Aum" was said. Other spiritual cultures
have similar origins of the Universe starting with sound. In the
Kemetic Spiritual Tradition the chanting of Medu Neter or Mdw
Netcher or Hieroglyphics sets up a Vibration that controls Matter,
Space and Time. The writings of Medu Neter on large long strips of
metal helped create a Anti - gravity well that made it much easier
for the builders of the Great Pyramid at Giza to move two and half
ton to 5 ton stones to construct the Great Pyramid that is 40 stories
high and ten blocks long.

The Khemet Hesi of Amen - Ra

The Khemet Hesi or Triple Chant of Amen - Ra is the Foundation
Medu Neter that powers the Pyramid Matrix. Click on the
Matrix Book
to experience the Pyramid Matrix Bio -
electromagnetic Field that reduces stress, helps release tension
and helps promote healing.  

Here is the Khemet Hesi of Amen - Ra in Medu Neter,
Transliteration and Translation:
The First Line of the Khemet Hesi
of Amen - Ra "Anedge herak
Amen - Ra"
could also be translated as "Show
Thy face" or "I seek your counsel".

The Second Line, "Anuk da Tir net
Amen - Ra" - "I am the Power of
Amen - Ra" makes a clear
distinction between Kemetic Hesi
and common prayer. Instead of
just "praying" to a Entity outside
of yourself above or below you,
the Khemet Hesi of Amen - Ra
states that YOU ARE THE POWER

The Third Line,"Anuk Amen - Ra" -
"I am Amen - Ra" restates that
YOU ARE AMEN - RA insuring and
protecting your Spiritual Identity.
In Yoga Meditation it is said that are Three Types of Meditation:

1. Focusing on the Object of Meditation

2. Contemplating on the Object of Meditation

3. Becoming the Object of Meditation

Becoming Amen - Ra is highest goal of the Khemet Hesi of Amen - Ra. In Reality
you, everyone and everything are already Amen - Ra. Everything on Earth came
from the
Hidden Power of the Sun. Chanting the Khemet Hesi of Amen - Ra is
only wearing down your ego that separates you from realizing that you and
everyone have the Divine Spiritual Power that keeps the Sun burning every

You should chant the Khemet Hesi of Amen - Ra without playing the recording
on this web page until you feel you can pronounce it properly. Then play the
recording and chant with the music while looking at the picture of Amen - Ra in
the Rainbow Body Form. When you feel that you have a good mental image of
Amen - Ra close your eyes and chant. See yourself as Amen - Ra wearing the
Falcon Mask, sitting in the Full Lotus holding the Ankh and the Uas. When you
breathe in see yourself as Amen - Ra where every hair pore receives the
Rainbows of Light. When you chant see yourself as Amen - Ra where every hair
pore emits the Rainbows of Light. The more you chant the Khemet Hesi of Amen
- Ra while doing the Rainbow Body Meditation as just described, the more you
will start feeling the Bio - electromagnetic Field around and others will start
feeling it too. After at least a month or less you will start noticing other benefits
from chanting the Khemet Hesi of Amen - Ra.

Chanting any Name of God or the Spirit with sincerity brings Divine Benefits.

When the Hem - Neter Amen - Ra, Priests of Amen - Ra, do Hesi or Chant, they
use Berkaru Hesi (Chanting Beads).

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